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YouZee Clip-In for Paintball


When the paintballs are flying just past you, it is important that you can see well so you can aim and return the favor to the opposing team. This is not always a reality if you have problems with your eyesight. Contacts might be the solution for many but what if you can’t wear them and your normal glasses make the mask or goggle fog up? 



YouZee Clip-in glasses for goggles and masks is the solution for you if you want to avoid fog and dry eyes and still enjoy an active lifestyle playing paintball. We custom make each clip-in from your prescription here in Skellefteå, Sweden.

Because YouZee Clip-In is made with our protected Octalock™ technology it is very versatile! YouZee Clip-In have the big advantage that they are flexible enough to fit and stay in place in all goggles, as well as move them in just a few seconds when and if there is a need.  

YouZee Clip-In glasses fits in masks and goggles for paintball but you can use them when you are skiing or snowboarding, driving a snowmobile or motocross. Versatility is our strength! 

The creators of YouZee Clip-In are optometrists with more than 35 years of experience combined, so you are in safe hands. We make each clip-in according to your needs and prescription and 90% of all orders are delivered the same day! 

Nicklas Dunham, the founder of the “How big is Paintball” community online uses YouZee Clip-In with his Push goggle and does a quick review!





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