Through our affiliate cooperation, the shopkeeper or the webshop can receive compensation when sales of our products takes place. 

- Only companies / persons who runs their business as a company are accepted as affiliates

- Affilates are themselves required to pay taxes and fees to government agencies in the respective countries in which they operate

INTERESTED? Fill in your details and register via this email form: SIGN UP INTEREST FOR AFFILIATE

When background checks and acceptance are made, you will receive an email with login information, HMTL links, social media links, etc. There you can also see the number of clicks and earned commission.


YouZee AB has the right to change the commission level at any time, but this does not apply to any commission already earned. Earned commission is reported and paid at the beginning of each new quarter.

Compensation is in % of total sales value incl. VAT.

Earned commission must exceed SEK 2500 (appr. 250 USD) before payment is done. Payment will be made to the account affiliate reported. In order for YouZee AB to pay out earned commission, correct personal information and bank details must be left, payment is made to bank accounts. Incorrect contact / payment information may lead to incorrect payment and YouZee AB can not be held liable for any incorrect payment.

The affiliate can at any time see the number of clicks as well as earned commissions through login. Username and password are sent with the welcome letter.


- Publishing links / advertisements on websites that contain illegal or offensive material, including. pornography and violence.

- to utilize other people's websites / blogs / posts, etc. to drive traffic unless this party has approved cooperation.

YouZee AB is entitled to cancel an account in case of breach of contract. In case of suspicion of fraud or other offense, YouZee AB owns the right to disclose personal information to the relevant authority. When closing an account, no commission is paid. It is the affiliates responsibility to ensure that they comply with the Marketing Acts in the country in which they operate. In Sweden, for example, you must mark all posts that contain sponsored links as an advertising post.

YouZee AB reserves the right to change / update these terms at any time and it is the affiliate's obligation to keep up to date on the terms.

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