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YouZee Clip-In


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Product Description


The material

Now, if you need glasses, you can instead use our unique YouZee Clip-In that fits in all goggles. Perfect for those who play paintball, drive enduro, motocross, snowmobile, bike downhill or ski and snowboard.

Inserting YouZee Clip-In into your goggle takes just a few seconds. Just as easy to move to different goggles depending on the weather conditions, the light conditions or different kinds of sports!


- Price including your prescription lenses (±6/3). Outside these ranges an extra cost is added and these are shown in the scroll lists.
- Anti-fog cloth included in the price
- Free shipping Worldwide, 90% of all orders is delivered the same day!
- CR39 quality lenses from Japanese HOYA
- Fits all modern quality goggles! We have tested them in POC, 509, Scott, Smith, Bollé, Bliz, Götti, Oakley, DrZipe and others and also the best paintball masks like: PUSH, JT, Grills, VIO, Valken, Bunkerkings, HKArmy and more!
- OTG (over the glasses) goggles should not be used because these brings YouZee Clip-In to far from the eyes and the foam is to weak.

Are you missing your prescription?
If you do not have your prescription, request it from your optician. It must contain:

- your prescription for distance
- PD distance (pupil distance, the measure between your eyes).

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

DELIVERY COUNTRY: We have gotten interest from over the world. Is your country missing among those who are eligible. Mail us at order@youzee.se and we'll se what we can do.

You can check our YouTube channel for more examples: YouZee YouTube channel

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Fits perfect, ideal for motocross and Enduro.

Riktigt bra grejjer och snabbt leverans :)

So fucking great product! You guys just need to fix an “install” instruction of some sort. Otherwise 5/5!

this is what I’ve been longing for cause I hate contacts. great service and product. but a mounting video on the homepage would be great. peace out.



YouZee Clip-In is manufactured at Plastteknik, Ostvik, Skelleftea in the North of Sweden. 

The material is a Polyamid PA12 called TR90. This material is extremely tough and durable, regardless of high or low temperatures.

A clip from the manufacturing:



Our supplier of lenses is Japanese Hoya and is one of the leading manufacturers of quality lenses in the world. The material is called CR39. In the event of a larger visual errors, we use lenses of higher index, all in order for your Clip-In to work optimally.

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