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YouZee Clip-In


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Product Description


The material

Now, if you need glasses, you can instead use our unique YouZee Clip-In that fits in all goggles. Perfect for those who play paintball, drive enduro, motocross, snowmobile, bike downhill or ski and snowboard.

Inserting YouZee Clip-In into your goggle takes just a few seconds. Just as easy to move to different goggles depending on the weather conditions, the light conditions or different kinds of sports!


- Price including your prescription lenses (±6/3). Outside these ranges an extra cost is added and these are shown in the scroll lists.
- Anti-fog cloth included in the price
- Free shipping Worldwide, 90% of all orders is delivered the same day!
- CR39 quality lenses from Japanese HOYA
- Fits all modern quality goggles! We have tested them in POC, 509, Scott, Smith, Bollé, Bliz, Götti, Oakley, DrZipe and others and also the best paintball masks like: PUSH, JT, Grills, VIO, Valken, Bunkerkings and more!
- OTG (over the glasses) goggles should not be used because these brings YouZee Clip-In to far from the eyes and the foam is to weak.

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DELIVERY COUNTRY: We have gotten interest from over the world. Is your country missing among those who are eligible. Mail us at order@youzee.se and we'll se what we can do.

You can check our YouTube channel for more examples: YouZee YouTube channel

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I received my pair of YouZee clip in glasses this past Monday! Took about a week to get them (I live in the US), they shipped the day after I ordered them. They are snug inside of the mask, they don't move at all! Eyesight is clear and on point!

It's nice not having to worry about my rather expensive pair of glasses possibly breaking when Paintballing. I definitely recommend YouZee Clip in Lenses for those of us who don't like to or don't want to wear contacts.

Watch out! I see you! ;)

For MX they are awesome. Gonna try them in my paintball goggles later. Super good customer service.

Amazing! Easy to order, quick to arrive. Used these for the first time last week paintballing and they did the job. No fog and for the first time in ages I could see what I was shooting at! 10/10.

Fungerar klart över förväntan och helvete vilken leveranstid. 2 dagar! Rekommenderas verkligen för cross åkare. 👌

First: What great customer service. Responded very fast and helped with the prescription!
Second: works really great. Had a different clip some years ago but this is soooo much better. Sits like a rock! THANKS!
One thing: a guide how to put them into the goggles is missing!

WTF! Why has'nt this been around before!

Suveränt komplement till linser. Eller blir nog så att jag slutar använda linser, funkar liksom för bra för att orka sätta in dem. Kanonlösning som rekommenderas till alla som kör hoj (cross och enduro)!

Bästa hittills mot imma rekommenderar dom 👌

Använder dem till MTB enduro. Fungerar perfekt, skönt att slippa linser. Har 2 mindre Googles som är lite tighta med dem, annars perfekt.

I legitimately never write product reviews. These things are AMAZING! Paintball has changed now that I can see and the eliminations are stacking up. Also, can't say enough about their customer service. I messed up my prescription when ordering and they had me sorted out with a replacement very quickly!

Har inte fått provat ännu men kvalitén verkar grym och lätta att montera i alla glasögon jag provat i 👍👍

Absolutely magnificent! Paintballers out there! Get this right now fits 100% in the Push mask! Great combo!!! Even fits my dirt bike goggles (Scott). Kind of weird but... :-) I am about -3.5 nearsighted so really need them!

“My experience with paintball using YOUZEE”

So I got my lenses from youzee who ships their product from Sweden 🇸🇪 and let me tell you, it literally took a week to ship to Rosemead CA. They kept on contact with me from the second it was ordered to when it was shipped out. Janne Larsson, was the one that helped me with my order. My lenses were around $160.00

The lenses are super easy to put on, just bend the little arms and center them onto your goggles, when I played last Saturday my YOUZEE lenses DIDNT move, fall, or FOG up. I have a Push and a JT mask and they both held on to the lenses well.

So if you were like me that have been playing BLIND, because you can’t do contacts or your glasses is smashed to your face while it’s fogging up while playing I highly recommend this investment. THANKS, JANNE LARSSON and thank you to YOUZEE for my lenses!

Är i det hela nöjd. Fungerar klockrent! Men immar tyvärr igen då jag stannar, men imman försvinner då jag fortsätter. Immduken hjälper nog till att hålla imman borta till en del.

They are an amazing product I have been recommending them. I play a lot of paintball and was troubled by my glasses always fogging up and was missing shots. Well now with them being close to the lens of the mask the heat from my face is able to vent away and not fog up at all. Recommend them completely if your tired of wearing glasses under your mask. They fit the Push, and Empire Evs really well they do fit in my virtue mask and dye I 5 but kinda pinch the top part of the foam which goes over your nose.

Funkar asbra till skoterkörning! Lätt värt!


Bästa tänkbara service. Detta är andra gången jag beställt från er. Rekommenderar er varmt till alla.

Fungerar suveränt! Sitter stabilt i goggelsen, enkla att flytta om man har flera goggels, immar inte igen, ger bra synfält och bäst av allt, man slipper att det gör så %#&%! ont när man gör en vurpa och att de vanliga glasögonen inte blir demolerade.

Klockren funktion och snabb leverans

Super! Hur fan gjorde man innan??? Är en grym skillnad mot att använda vanliga glasögon. Ingen imma. Sätter aldrig in linser igen heller... :-)

Excellent product, don't have to wear glasses anymore. Currently use it in side my Push Paint ball mask at our indoor field which is directly next to an ice rink so you can see players and the game etc. With the massive changes in temp, i've noticed it doesn't fog which I've had issues with being indoors and outdoors when it rains here in New Zealand. Highly recommend it as you can use it in your ski googles, motor cross etc. Only if you can do one for a ice hockey helmet as I'll be one of the first to get one.

This thing got me playing paintball again. Work as good while snowboarding! Thanks!!!
Funkar bra, men av 7 möjliga goggles i butik så var det bara Scott som de funkade i.
Sitter lite högt pga nässkyddet som man måste ha för frysrisken.

Fungerar mycket bra. De immade igen ganska fort, trots användning av imduken, men det berodde kanske på mina goggles. Efter några sekunder 'blåste' imman i alla fall bort.
Älskar dom
Hi Janna,

Thank you for my order and shipping so fast. The glasses work great in my Push Mask! I got to use them this past weekend and really love them.

Thanks so much. I have shown them to my other friends and recommended them.

Grym kvalité, riktigt bra passform i mina goggles (509 Aviator och 509 Revolver). Helt sanslöst snabb leveranstid är det också! Beställde mina Clip-Ins en måndag, på onsdag låg dom i brevlådan.

Snabb leverans, bra service
Funkar kanon

Skulle egentligen ha blivit en julklapp till sonen (10 år gammal) men kunde inte vänta...
Premiär nu i helgen i skidbacken och vilket lyft! Inga mer igenimmade glasögon, inget mer meck. Suveränt!

Super fast delivery

Riktigt smidig uppfinning och man vänjer sig snabbt, skönt att slippa linser

Fantastiska nu kan min gubbe köra motorcykel igen och se vart han kör.

Allt suveränt so far, har köpt som julklapp till min sambo som ä för snål att köpa dom själv 😂 men ä helt övertygad om att hon kommer att älska denna lösing!

Klockren produkt och extremt bra service innan och snabb leverans

Klockrent, snabb leverans o funkar perfekt,

Funkar perfekt!!
För mig fungerade det bra! Hört väldigt många andra som upplevet "sjösjuka" och inte kunnat använda de alls.


YouZee Clip-In is manufactured at Plastteknik, Ostvik, Skelleftea in the North of Sweden. 

The material is a Polyamid PA12 called TR90. This material is extremely tough and durable, regardless of high or low temperatures.

A clip from the manufacturing:



Our supplier of lenses is Japanese Hoya and is one of the leading manufacturers of quality lenses in the world. The material is called CR39. In the event of a larger visual errors, we use lenses of higher index, all in order for your Clip-In to work optimally.

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