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Name: Elvira Lindh

Country: Sweden

"This product helped me take gold medal in Swedish Stadion Snowcross 2018"


Name: Moa Ögren

Country: Sweden

"Had problems with dry contact lenses - but that's a thing of the past. No I only race with YouZee Clip-In and I never have to worry about lenses popping out in the middle of a race"



Name: Marcel Piek

Country: The Netherlands

"Raced the 2019 Dakar Rally with the bifocal version of YouZee to be able to see the GPS"



Name: Nicklas Dunham, HBI

Country: Sweden

"After a refractive surgery of my eyes a had a some astigmatism left. Made my game hard until I found out about this solution. Play all around the world in different weather conditions and works amazing" 


Läs mer: https://youzeeshop.com/en/info/paintball/



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