Our Story


The idéa to the YouZee Clip-In started to grow at a eye-sight conference in 2015. In a glass display, almost hidden away by the vendor, laid a strange plastic clip.

The founders, optometrist brothers Janne and Peder Larsson recognized the potential of the product and saw that it could be the solution to problems that people wearing glasses and goggles struggled with.

Janne Larsson, CEO, Optometrist, cofounder of YouZee


They invested in a few clips and soon realized that there was problems, mainly with the fit of the insert glasses. 

Janne and Peder knew that there was only one thing to do, product development. After various versions being 3D printed, tested, tweaked and improved, here we are today, proud to have in 2018 introduced the YouZee Clip-In to the world.


When you live an active lifestyle you know that there are many sports that require that you wear protective eyewear.

As we believe that your vision should not limit your interest we decided to make the most versatile prescription goggle insert on the market, so you don’t have to buy 3 different clips for three different sports or goggles.


There are a few similar solutions out there in the world, and as they are great we have something they don’t, our not so secret - OCTALOCK™.

OCTALOCK™ is the eight points of anchors that gives YouZee Clip-In the flexibility to fit in every modern goggle and still stay locked in place, even during the most rough conditions. OCTALOCK™ is our own design and trademark protected technology, that only we can use. 


We are very proud to be able to offer you a product that is made in Sweden, way up north, just outside the beautiful town of Skellefteå.

Each one of the YouZee Clip-In is custom made after the customers prescription and of course with high-quality lenses from Japanese Hoya.