"Had no problem putting them into my Push mask. Took me a couple of minutes to get used to them. But after a few minutes didn't noticed them and they work perfectly. Very happy I got these and don't have to deal with my contacts". - Daniel 

Review on Trustpilot 10-10-22

YouZee prescription inserts fits all paintball goggles but can also be used for skiing, snowboarding, driving snowmobile or motocross. Versatility is our strength! 

As a matter of fact - Paintball is now our biggest customer group and we must thank all of you all over the world for the great positive feedback we get - thanks! 

We the creators of YouZee Clip-In are optometrists with more than 35 years of experience combined, so you are in safe hands.

We make each clip-in after your personal prescription and 90% of all orders are shipped the same day! 

Nicklas Dunham, the founder of Facebook Community “How big is Paintball” uses YouZee Clip-In in his Push goggle since 2018 and does a quick review here down below. 

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Made After Your Prescription