YouZee Clip-In with tinted lenses (sunglasses colour)

We know some people have problems with light sensitiveness enjoying their different sports using goggles. 

After requests from customers who already have our original YouZee Clip-In we have now made a handful YouZee Clip-In with sunglass tinded lenses - with great results. This made us think about this as a complementary product to our customers. 

For those who already bought and uses YouZee Clip-In and want a tinted pair we can do that for the same price as the original product.

There are two colours to choose from:

  • G15 (Grey/green 85%, RayBan original colour)
  • Maroon 85 (Brown 85%) 

Interested? Get in contact via email or messenger here on the site and we'll guide you on how to order a pair with tinted lenses.