youzee Prescription guide

In order to start producing the YouZee Inserts that you ordered, we need your prescription for glasses as well as your pupillary distance (PD). Read the guide below and follow all the three steps.

Step 1: Get your prescription for glasses

Download the prescription guide below and show the guide to your optican/optometrist/eyedoctor to get the information needed. They can fill in our form or just print your prescription from their own system, both works.

Download prescription guide

Step 2: Make sure YOU include Pupil Distance. 

Our prescription guide includes Pupil Distance, however. There is around 50% that is missing to fill in this information. Make sure that you are filling in this information. This is important to make sure you get the best possible experience with the YouZee Inserts. You can find our Pupil Distance guide here.


When you have your prescription ready - take a picture/scan it and simply upload it when you order or through email if you choose that option. 

If there is anything else we need we'll get in touch right away. Thanks // Team YouZee