Scuba diving and snorkeling

Does YouZee Clip-In fit in scuba diving and snorkeling mask/goggles?

We don't promise fit in these kind of mask/goggles but know people using them for this purpose. But it must be an open mask like on the pictures below. All pictures have been sent to us from our customers. 

The first three pictures shows a mask manufactured by Cressi. The model is Z1 (the pink mask is their small version of the same mask). The next two pictures we don't know the manufacturer. 

And below these there are some pictures of masks that YouZee Clip-In have been tested in but do not fit and the reason is that there are separate areas for right and left eyes or that the arms don't have anything to push against. 

Cressi Z1

Cressi Z1 

Cressi Z1

Cressi Z1 (small)

Brand unknown

Masks YouZee Clip-In have NOT fitted in: