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YouZee Clip-In Bifocal

2 795 kr

ATTENTION! This product is bifocal and should only be ordered if you really need to see at near. Ex. phone or GPS. 

Bifocal lenses takes about 7 days to produce. 

Two ways to order:

1. If you have your prescription click the "UPLOAD YOUR PRESCRIPTION" button below and go to checkout


2. If you don't have your prescription - skip upload and go go checkout. When completed you will receive an email with two options: 

a) Use the attached PDF guide explaining what information you need to get from your optician/eye doctor


b) Click link to upload your prescription, directly or later


Right sphere, sph *
Right cylinder, cyl
Right axis
Right PD (pupil distance)
Left sphere, sph *
Left cylinder, cyl
Left axis
Left PD (pupil distance)
Users age (individual customization)*
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Product Description


The material

Now, if you need glasses, you can instead use our unique YouZee Clip-In that fits in all goggles. Perfect for those who play paintball, drive enduro, motocross, snowmobile, bike downhill or ski and snowboard.

Inserting YouZee Clip-In into your goggle takes just a few seconds. Just as easy to move to different goggles depending on the weather conditions, the light conditions or different kinds of sports!


- Price including bifocal prescription lenses
- Anti-fog cloth included in the price
- Free shipping Worldwide, bifocal lenses takes about 7 days to produce. 
- CR39 quality lenses from Japanese HOYA
- Fits all modern quality goggles and paintball masks
- OTG (over the glasses) goggles should not be used because these brings YouZee Clip-In to far from the eyes and the foam is to weak
- Secure and safe payments through Klarna or PayPal. Select method in the checkout.

Are you missing your prescription?
If you do not have your prescription, request it from your optician. It must contain:

- your prescription for distance
- PD distance (pupil distance, the measure between your eyes).

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

DELIVERY COUNTRY: We have gotten interest from over the world. Is your country missing among those who are eligible. Mail us at order@youzee.se and we'll se what we can do.

You can check our YouTube channel for more examples: YouZee YouTube channel

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/youzeeclipin


YouZee Clip-In is manufactured at Plastteknik, Ostvik, Skelleftea in the North of Sweden. 

The material is a Polyamid PA12 called TR90. This material is extremely tough and durable, regardless of high or low temperatures.

A clip from the manufacturing:



Our supplier of lenses is Japanese Hoya and is one of the leading manufacturers of quality lenses in the world. The material is called CR39. In the event of a larger visual errors, we use lenses of higher index, all in order for your Clip-In to work optimally.

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