The idéa to the YouZee Clip-In started to grow at a eye-sight conference in 2015. In a glass display, almost hidden away by the vendor, laid a strange plastic clip. Our founders, optometrist brothers Janne and Peder Larsson recognized the potential of the product and saw that it could be the solution to problems that people wearing glasses and goggles struggled with.

They invested in a few clips and soon realised that there was problems, mainly with the fit of the insert glasses. Janne and Peder knew that there was only one thing to do, product development. After various versions being 3D printed, tested, tweaked and improved, here we are today, proud to introduce the YouZee Inserts to the world.


Our main mission is to assist people and make YouZee-Clip In accessible to everyone. We take pride in extending help to those who have faced difficulties obtaining the perfect vision solutions they need. We want to provide the best universal goggle insert available - the brand of your goggle or mask shouldn't matter.


My brother, Peder, and I was inspired to found this company to help people who struggled with living active lifestyles and combining having to wear glasses to see and wearing googles to protect the eyes from outside elements. - Jan "Janne" Larsson,
CEO & Co-Founder of YouZee