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YouZee Clip-In | Bifocal

YouZee Clip-In | Bifocal

Prescription Goggle Insert

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YouZee Clip-In with bifocal lenses (distance and read)
Anti-Fog Cloth (can be used up to 60 times)

YouZee Prescription Goggle Insert - no more struggling with contact lenses or glasses under your goggles, no matter the sport or season.

 - Made after your personal prescription, incl astigmatism and prism, with high quality bifocal lenses from Japanese Hoya.

- YouZee Clip-In is the worlds only insert with the unique and design protected Octalock™ function. Octalock makes the four arms self adjust and fit into all goggle brands and sports like MX, ski, snowmobile, snowboard and paintball. 


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Product Description & other info

YouZee Clip-In prescription goggle inserts are made after your personal prescription for glasses.

  • Made after your prescription
  • Incl astigmatism and prism
  • Manufactured in Sweden
  • All prescriptions are checked by our optometrists
  • The inserts are fitted with premium RX lenses (CR39) by Hoya. 
  • Octalock™ lets the inserts fit in all goggle brands securely and they are super easy to move between different goggles in less than 10 seconds.
  • Perfect if you need to change goggles because of weather conditions, light conditions or you're using them for a different sport.
  • YouZee Clip-In fits all goggle brands and paintball masks on the market.
  • Do not use OTG (over the glasses) goggles. These goggles makes the insert come further from the eyes and also often has weaker foam/construction.

Orders from countries outside EU: We offer VAT free purchases on orders from Non-EU countries. Please note that local charges (customs duty, sales tax etc.) can occur, depending on your region and local customs duties. These charges are at your own expense. YouZee can not, and has no responsibility for such taxes, charges, duties, etc.

The Material

YouZee Clip-In frames are manufactured at Plastex, Ostvik, Skelleftea in the North of Sweden.

Lenses are grinded and mounted at our own plant in Skellefteå. From here we ship directly to the end customer.

The frame:

  • The material is a Polyamid PA12 called TR90. This material is extremely tough and durable, regardless of high or low temperatures.

The lenses:

  • Our supplier of lenses is Japanese Hoya and is one of the leading manufacturers of quality lenses in the world. The material is called CR39. In the event of a larger visual errors, we use lenses of higher index, all in order for your Clip-In to work optimally.
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