Prescription goggle inserts for skiing/snowboarding

youzee prescription goggle insert 

When you are gliding down the slopes it is important that you clearly see where you are going and what you are doing. When you have good vision or can and will wear contacts, that is no problem, just wear your goggles. But if you need your glasses it might not be as easy.

Wearing glasses under your goggles may cause the goggles to fog up. You might choose not to wear goggles and only the glasses but instead your eyes might water because of the wind and cold of going down the mountain. Even if you can wear contacts you might experience dry eyes and YouZee Clip-In can help you avoid that. 

Because of this we have created YouZee Clip-In glasses for goggles. We made the YouZee Clip-In versatile so that you only need one, even if you like going down the mountain both on skis and on a mountain bike.

Our clip-in glasses fit in all modern goggles, and this means that you can choose the goggle that you like instead of going for the one that might work best with your regular glasses. Also, YouZee Clip-In will not move when they are mounted, not until you clip them out as demonstrated in the video below.